Thursday, February 27, 2014

Preschool Dr. Seuss

We had such a blast learning all about Dr. Seuss today.  One of the little girls immediately piped up about taking her younger brother to the doctor to get shots, it was so cute.  We read quite a few Dr. Seuss books and CJ was even able to read them "The Cat in the Hat".  We had a blast eating hard boiled green eggs and bacon for snack (that's like Green Eggs and Ham, right?).  We also really enjoyed playing with Oobleck and coloring our Dr. Seuss pages.  We learned some really important reading strategies today and you can check out the preschool pack to find them (this pack is free, so be sure to stop by and get it today!).  Since Dr. Seuss is a great time to focus on readings skills, we talked all about what to do when we get to a word we don't know.  There are fun reading strategy cards you can print and practice while reading.  What a fantastic day of school!

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  1. The more and more I learn about the real Dr. Seuss, the more inspirational that I find him! I rank him right up there with Big Bird and Mr. Rogers.