Thursday, January 9, 2014


We had such a fun day in school today!  We learned more about the letter O and Moms.  We talked about all the jobs that moms do and played with the card table play house.  We practiced spelling "MOM" like "YMCA" and we found all the letters around the room that we knew with our "Word Detective" cards. 
 We did a lot of reading and some practice on the piano.  Then we headed to art and learned about drawing our moms.  We talked about the shapes of the different body parts (circle for the head, curved rectangle for the torso, etc.) and then we drew pictures of our moms and wrote the word "mom".
 We also started our first lesson in patterning today.  We had to have some fun free time with the blocks that we haven't been able to play with yet and then they each picked 2 colors (10 blocks of each color) and worked on making an ABAB pattern.  Please make the pattern at home every day.  Then "read" the pattern by saying the names of the colors (green, blue, green, blue, etc.) as well as the corresponding ABAB pattern (A, B, A, B, etc.). Keep up the great work!  We're going to learn so much great stuff this semester!

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