Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trace and Write Activity Center - A Lakeshore Product Review

I'm so excited to be able to do another review for Lakeshore Learning.  I love their products and when I was given the opportunity to pick something that was on CJ's level (My First Science Experiments) and something on EMan's level (this Trace and Write Activity Center) I was delighted!
As EMan is getting ready to join the ranks of preschoolers in August I'm being more proactive about his summer learning.  I want him to feel prepared for preschool activities and confident that he can do it!  What I'm currently working on with him is letter recognition for the letters in his name. In general, that's a fantastic place to start with preschoolers. 
 This engaging trace and write activity center comes with 26 double sided alphabet cards.  They have the capital letter on one side and the lowercase letter on the other.  The font is a bubble font with dashed lines, directional arrows, with a green dot to represent the starting location and a red dot to represent the ending location.
 You place the letter card on the left side of the board and practice tracing the card.  Then you move to the right side of the board where there is an orange transparent plastic sheet that you can "write" on with the pressure from your finger.  The white board underneath is a squishy board that the orange flap makes a connection with as you write.
EMan loves it and takes ownership of it.  He has requested to take it to church to work on quietly during sacrament meeting, we've taken it on the airplane to keep us busy while traveling and it was the first thing he showed off to his Oma and Opa upon arriving to their home for vacation.
I love it because it prompts engaging conversation about the letter name, sound and how to write the letter.  We are successfully working and playing together.  One of the things I have noticed is that CJ struggles with some letter formation and didn't know how to make the "s" in our last name until a few weeks ago when I specifically taught him that.  How to form letters is something I've missed along the way in the preschool years.  I'm so excited to have a product that makes such and important concept easy to practice.
Inside the Box:
*Sturdy wooden 8x12 inch board
*26 double sided tracing cards
Cost: $24.99
Known as the "Summer Slide", children experience a loss in learning throughout the summer.  Engage children with intentional experiences to boost their summer learning and keep their minds sharp until official (or unofficial) "school" starts again.  Enjoy, and Happy Learning!
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*I was given a copy of this product from Lakeshore to review.  All opinions are my own. 

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