Tutoring is an open ended one-on-one experience that allows Miss Amanda to guide your child to excel in their educational pursuits.  With a degree in Elementary Education and 14 years of experience teaching preschoolers and young elementary students to read and understand math Miss Amanda has the knowledge and resources to engage students and enable them to excel.  Miss Amanda’s primary focus of expertise is in reading and math, preK through 2nd grade as well as coding robotics PreK-5th Grade.

Tutoring is as customizable as each child is unique.  You may choose from twice weekly, weekly, or twice monthly options.  You may also choose 30 minute or 60 minute sessions.

Tutoring sessions can take place almost anywhere, including digitally.

Miss Amanda will provide your child with resources both in physical form and digital form.  She is happy to guide students through work provided by the student’s school; however it is preferred to utilize tutoring sessions to work on skills through programs provided by Miss Amanda.  

I know that student success is due largely to the support they receive at home.  Tutoring sessions will be fully communicated about via email in order to fully engage the parents with at home activities to support their child’s learning.

Rates and Fees: Tutoring is $35 per hour, $20 per half hour for a single student.  Payment for tutoring is due before the session.  Payment may be pre-paid monthly or per session.  A registration fee ($35) will cover the initial materials. Occasionally, materials will need to be purchased by the family to continue learning at home.  It is highly suggested that students have access to a computer and/or a tablet (such as a Kindle or iPad).  Miss Amanda provides a number of apps and subscriptions to students, some apps may have a small app store fee. The registration fee is due upon enrollment and then yearly in August.

Please contact Miss Amanda at littleadventurespreschool @ gmail {dot} ... you know the rest if you aren't a robot.

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