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Little Adventures Preschool is a small in home preschool.  I (Miss Amanda) am also a homeschooling mom of 3 awesome kids.  I'm happy to partner with businesses and welcome your requests at LittleAdventuresPreschool {at} gmail.com.  I am happy to provide reviews for outstanding educational products and sidebar advertising is available.

We are the Biles Family, and I am Miss Amanda, wife, mother, and teacher.  I hold a teaching license in the state of Colorado and have 14 years of teaching experience.  I am homeschooling my kids, Pinocheus (9), EMan (5), and Arrow (1).  I teach a kindergarten class once a week and an elementary robotics class once a week for the homeschool enrichment program in our area called "Options".  I believe that education is hands on and experiencing things with friends makes it more memorable, so many of the posts here you will notice many of our playgroup friends joining us.
 I have some philosophies about education that guide me in everything I do. Here are a few of them:
  • Hands-on exploratory experiences are crucial.
  • Children want to learn early and are served best when given high quality attention and experiences that teach them how to learn.
  • Teaching a child to read and the basics for math empowers them for life.
  • Technology is a powerful tool.  So is nature.
 I started an in home preschool 2 days a week for many reasons.  Here are a few of them:
  • Learning happens in all settings, a formal classroom is one of them.
  • Other moms who work and cannot provide this crucial first step into formal learning for their child can receive it in an environment that they trust.
  • We can learn the basics of getting along in a school setting, such as working together, manners, sharing, etc. so any future school setting already has a foundation.
  • We can focus on team building and cooperatively solving problems.
  • I believe in a scaffolding model where we spend one year focused on the basics of reading, writing, math, etc. in a teacher led environment and the second preschool year can lead them into a successful unschooling approach where they are empowered to drive their own education.
  • As my children grow and learn I expect to not only be teaching them, but to share our expertise with others through playgroups and co-op style classes.
  • A high quality preschool is the greatest indicator for success, no matter if a child moves into the public system, a formal homeschooling system, or radical unschooling.  They will succeed, and I have the opportunity to share that solid foundation with kids other than my own.
In our homeschool we utilize a couple of different curriculums which I believe to be of the highest quality.  To learn more about them find their links below:
I also created Preschool Packs and Tot Packs.  I use them with my own children mostly on the run, church, and long car rides.  You can download them from my Teacher's Notebook page.

I live for the education of and mentoring of young children. I have a belief in education that if you can teach them how to access knowledge though such skills as basic reading, writing, and math - they can, and will, learn more through their natural curiosity. 

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